Sprinkle in Activity

15 Ways to Add Movement into Your Life

  1. Answer emails while standing up

  2. Walk around while answering cell phone calls

  3. Do 15 push-ups or sit-ups (or alternate!) during commercials of your favorite Hulu or Netflix show

  4. During lunch breaks, take a brief walk 5-10 minutes away from work and look for a place to take a breather, enjoy lunch outside of the office, and get in some good steps

  5. Take the stairs!

  6. Walk or bike rather than drive to your favorite morning coffee spot

  7. Park further away from store and business entrances to get in those extra steps

  8. Add more playtime to your life! Whether that be playing for 10 minutes longer with your kids on the playground, walking your dog one extra block or walking the perimeter of the dog park, or adding some extra movement to your favorite hobby

  9. Add dumbbell curls to your morning or evening walks

  10. Purchase a desk mini exercise bike

  11. Try alternate methods to get to work, such as biking or walking (even if it's to the nearest metro station)

  12. Instead of relying on your phone or email to relay a message in the office, walk down the hall to the recipient's desk

  13. Plan exercise into your daily tasks (ie instead of driving to the park let's walk...instead of driving to the post office let's bike...instead of going to the movies today, let's go for a hike and watch a movie at home afterward)

  14. Add regular walks into your routine, even if the walk is for 10 minutes around your house or apartment building

  15. As you bring your groceries into the house, do lunges or bicep curls (warning: extra balance required!)

Do you have great ideas for sprinkling in exercise that we haven't mentioned? Drop them here and we'll add them to the list with mention of who gave us the fun idea!

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