Virtual Exercise

The Orangetheory Fitness Youtube channel has hundreds of FREE at-home work-outs (active recovery, core strength, upper body, HIIT, and lower body sessions that don't require equipment), daily nutritional tips by the head of wellness and nutrition at Weight Watchers, and past live sessions with topics such as "Spotting Fake Health Advice Online." Below is an example of one of the many sessions available through this amazing resource. Remember! Even if it is too difficult to do an entire workout at first, performing half of the workout to work up to a full workout is progress!

Planet Fitness has a Facebook page loaded with at-home virtual exercise videos for those with & without a gym! Additionally, trainers have uploaded videos on the correct way to use gym equipment and feel like a pro. Alternately, they have created a FREE mobile app with training series for beginner and intermediate level gym-goers.

DoYogaWithMe offers FREE beginner, intermediate, and advanced forms of yoga instruction and meditation. Below you will find a Beginner I Bend and Stretch yoga flow.

Maybe Tai Chi and gentle yoga from a seated position are more your style? This Youtube channel showcases exercise options for those in chronic pain or with limited mobility.